Committee News Aug 2011

Your new committee held its first meeting on 3 August 2011 with new President, Peter Lodge, in the chair. Including Peter there were 13 members present with apologies received from the remaining two.

Matters discussed that might be of wider interest included a review of the AGM Minutes along with reports on finance, legal matters, race meetings, technical, the website, promotion in general, and Festival 2012.

In line with the various matters raised at the AGM, there was quite a lot of discussion over the future management and development of the Megaphone. Some positive moves were recommended and these will be followed up and reported on in due course. The suggestion for a 5 or 10 year plan to explore the future direction of the Register was put to one side for the moment with members being asked to give the whole matter some serious thought and bring those thoughts back to the table. It was also determined to place greater emphasis on welcoming new members to the Register, and to keep closer tabs on those who had reached or exceeded 20 years of membership.

On the legal side the committee heard from Andrew Riley regarding the need to amend our present rules in order to secure our tax free status and in order to achieve donee recognition from the IRD. The rules also need tweeking in other areas, and any such changes must be agreed upon via a ballot of the membership. But the most import and and pressing needs are those associated with the IRD. Accordingly Andrew will prepare what is needed over the next couple of months and a ballot will be implemented. Whether that has to be by post, or whether it may now be legal to conduct such a ballot electronically, has yet to be determined.

On the race side of things, Chris Hyland reported that all deposits had now been paid for the various tracks that we will be enjoying through into 2012. All future meetings are planned as two day events. The NZPCRA will be participating at all of our events except the Festival. Their participation will now constitute part of their annual points series. Indeed it will be the NZPCRA who will be organizing many of the elements of our racing at Hampton Downs. We are investigating the possibility of running a gate at the Hampton Downs TT weekend. We now have two “permanent” Clerks of Course. Ken McGeady will handle Pukekohe and Hampton Downs. Bill Biber will handle Taupo and Manfeild. MNZ have assured us that there will be no more clashes between their events and our events, certainly from 2012 onwards. There appears to be quite a growing interest in the Track Parade scheme. To enter, riders must be either members of our club or members of a club affiliated with MNZ. Initially we will be prepared to take in memberships and entries on the day. That would include licencing.

James McIntosh addressed matters relating to the Website. He’s not getting enough articles so how about thinking of something to send in as you read this. That goes for the Megaphone as well. Tasha Symes has agreed to co-ordinate material between the Website and the Megaphone.

For Festival 2012 much of the discussion centred on determining budgets. Andrew Riley is actively addressing that question. There was also a lively discussion on whether we continue to conduct our evening functions in the grand stand rooms, or whether we go back to using a marquee. The majority seemed to support returning to the marquee. But there are costs involved so a little bit more research is required. And indeed what sort of catering and at what cost also requires further research. We will keep you informed. Our guest, and guest speaker for 2012 will be, all things going to plan, Colin Seeley, famous English constructor during the 60’s and 70’s. Neville Wooderson suggested that Bill Swallow might also be available as an additional guest speaker.

General business got on to matters such as whether there might be a container coming out from the UK. As of the moment there seems to be a degree of uncertainty about this. There was also quite a bit of discussion over matters relating to promotion, advertising, stalls at the Festival and so on. Currently there is an arrangement in place to use a gentleman by name of Rob Cochrane to organize and manage much or all of those sorts of matters. And that closed the meeting.