Dedicated to the preservation and use of pre 1976 british, european and american motorcycles
Spring Classic at Manfeild
NZCMRR Championship Round 5
Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 October 2018

Upon arrival, bring your competition licence and club membership card and helmet to sign on. Proceed to machine examination, which will be from 7.30am to 9:00am as detailed below in the supplementary regulations.

NZCMRR Rules can be viewed on the NZCMRR website MNZ classes are as defined in the MNZ Rulebook Chapter 25.

Classes are as follows, but not necessarily in this order:

  1. Vintage & Pre War - Pre '31, Pre '46 350, Pre '46 500
  2. 0-250cc - Pre '63 250 Clubmans, Pre '63 250 Factory Racing, Pre '63 250 Modified, Classic 70's 250
  3. 251-350cc - Pre '63 350 Clubmans, Pre '63 350 Factory Racing, Pre '63 350 Modified, Classic 70's 350
  4. 351-500cc - Pre '63 500 Clubmans, Pre '63 500 Factory Racing, Pre '63 500 Modified, Classic 70's 500
  5. 501cc-Open - Pre '63 Open Modified, Classic 70's Open
  6. Sidecars - Pre '63, Pre '76
  7. Post ClassicPre '82 Junior, Pre '89 F2, Pre '89 F3
  8. Post Classic - Pre '82 Senior, Pre '89 F1
  9. Regularity / Track Parade

Note: Some classes may be combined into a single event depending on entry numbers in each class. Track parade will be held if sufficient numbers.

NZCMRR Manfeild Cup

This year will be the third year NZCMRR’s special Manfeild Cup events will be held as part of the final round of our Championship season. Two cups will be awarded in each of the Cup events. The principle cup will be the "Premier NZCMRR Cup", a sealed handicap where every entrant in the Race Group is in with a chance! The second “NZCMRR Cup” will be awarded to the race winner. The trophies will be presented at Riders Briefing on Sunday morning.

The Cup races will be a 6 laps for Classics and 8 laps for Post Classics. As this is a special NZCMRR Cups event there is no intention to apply National TT compliance rules. Grids for all the weekends races will be determined from your practice/qualifying time and you will be in the same grid position throughout the weekend. Only competitors who enter before the entry closing date will be eligible to compete in the Cup Races. (Late and on-the-day entries will be accepted for the championship points rounds but not the Cup Races).

Competitors will also be eligible for selection to contest, within their races, for the BikeTranz North (NZCMRR) vs South (CAMS) Challenge Team Trophy.

Programme of events

Friday 26th October 2018

  • Manfeild Test Day Entrants Only (Run by Manfeild Raceway)

Saturday 27th October 2018

  • 7.15-8.30am Sign on and machine examination
  • 8.30am Riders briefing
  • 9.00am 1 round of practice/qualifying
  • 1 round of racing for Championship points - all classes
  • NZCMRR Manfeild Cup races
  • BBQ - all welcome

Sunday 28th October 2018

  • 3 rounds of racing for Championship points – all classes.



The meeting is organised by the New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register Inc. under Motorcycling New Zealand Permit no 18108.


The meeting will be conducted under the Manual of Motorcycle Sport of MNZ, the Technical Rules pertaining to the Classic Register and these supplementary Regulations.


Entry fees are $200.00 for Seniors of MNZ Affiliated Clubs, discounted to $180 for current NZCMRR members, & under 18s free. Entries close Friday 19th October 2018 at 5:00pm. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Race Secretary, but may incur a late entry fee. Entry fee for CAMS South Island Competitors $FREE.


MNZ competition licence compulsory. No competition licence? One event MNZ licences can be purchased on the day at sign-on.


Membership of an MNZ affiliated club is compulsory. No club card? You will have to join the NZCMRR at sign-on.


International competitors wishing to compete in an NZCMRR event must notify the race secretary of their intent to race at least one month before the meeting date so a MNZ permit which allows for international competitors can be issued for the event. International competitors must obtain a Start Permission and FIM International Licence (if applicable) from their motorcycle Federation and have this sent to MNZ prior to the event being held. If an overseas competitor does not have a licence with their motorcycle Federation please contact the race secretary. International competitors must have Insurance which meets the minimum FIM Standards.


In the event of duplicate race numbers then the NZCMRR competitor has the exclusive right of use of that number.


Sign-on and scrutineering is from 7:30am until 9.00am cut-off. Riders briefing at 9:00 am and practice starts at 9.30am.

REGULARITY / TRACK PARADE – Maximum field of 40 bikes on the grid.

This event is open to solo machines only and will suit any club member who is not competing in race events, or a racer wishing to ride a machine that he has not entered into the races. The NZCMRR Race Secretary reserves the right to accept or reject any rider or machine from this event sees they see fit. Regularity/Track Parade participants will not be given an individual race event but will be placed at the rear of the grids of either their appropriate cc class, or a lower class, dependent upon their practice/qualifying times, and will not be eligible for championship points. Regularity allows non-racing members the opportunity of 1 practice and 4 sessions on the race track. Entrants can ride either a racing machine which could be loaned for the event or a suitable road machine. The event is run under the general MNZ rules and require a competition licence and club membership. All machines in the event must be presented for safety inspection, though they need not be fully race prepared. A clearly legible number plate facing forward in the headlamp area and one to each side is required, the number will be confirmed prior to the event. Leather clothing, chest and back protectors and an approved helmet must be worn for safety reasons. Remember that these events are not races and unsuitable riding will result in exclusion.


Competitors shall only exit the pits to the circuit under the control of the Pit lane official and via the pit lane exit only. Competitors found to be riding the wrong way up or down Pit Lane may be fined or excluded from the meeting. Entry to the Pit Lane is on the LH side at the start of the front straight; Competitors must move to the far left of the circuit and reduce speed and signal their intentions to leave the track without impeding other competitors in the process. Once committed to entering Pit lane and a competitor has crossed to the inside of the entry blend lines that competitor MUST enter Pit Lane. Entry to the pit lane may also occur under direction of the track Marshalls at the completion of racing via the infield slip road just prior to the infield hairpin.


Circuit noise regulations as provided for under Rule 10-6d. All machines are to be effectively silenced so as not to exceed 95dB(A) "ride by" measured by the official meter mounted 30m from the track centre line. Machines registering consistently in excess of the limit will be brought to the attention of the officials for action to be taken as follows: Exceeding 95 but not exceeding 98dB(A): On the first offence during the meeting the rider will be warned that this has occurred and instructed to rectify the situation. For second and subsequent infringements the machine will be black flagged from the race or practice without further warning. Exceeding 98dB(A): The machine will be black flagged from the race or practice without warning. If circumstances don’t allow the machine to be black flagged, the competitor may be excluded from the results of that practice or race. During the course of the event the club will endeavour to post lists of machines and their noise readings to assist competitors efforts in complying with these limits.


Prior to the meeting, any entrant will be given a refund on his/her entry fee if for any reason attendance over the weekend is not possible. Notification is required in writing/email to the Race Secretary by 5:00pm the Wednesday prior to the event.


No dogs or pets are allowed at the meeting. No Exceptions.


Free camping is available for competitors on Friday and Saturday night.


Spring Classic at Manfeild
Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 October 2018
Saturday October 20 2018
MNZ Permit:
Rider's details
Motorcycle details

Spring Classic at Manfeild
Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 October 2018

To NZCMRR Motorcycle Club, Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park and Motorcycling New Zealand Inc.

  1. I have read the Supplementary Regulations for this Competition and agree to be bound by them and the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, the MNZ Constitution, and the MNZ Code of Conduct. Supplementary Regulations also available at
  2. I am aware that the sport of Motorcycle Competition might a) cause me injury; serious or otherwise b) damage my property.
  3. I wish to take part in the event despite the above risks.
  4. Neither I, or anyone associated or connected with me will make any claim against you or your officers, employees or agents in respect of: a) any injury suffered by me; or b) any damage to any of my property regardless of how the injury or damage occurs.
  5. I will indemnify you against all claims, damages or losses (including costs) which you incur as the direct or indirect result of any injury to me or damage to my property.
  6. I am physically fit and there is no health or other reason why I should not participate in the sport of Motorcycle Competition.
  7. I am aware that this disclaimer will not affect any legal obligations you have to me which you cannot contract out of under NZ Law.
  8. I agree that in this disclaimer “my property” includes any property owned by me or in my possession or under my control.
  9. I agree that this disclaimer will be binding on my family, my heirs, my legal assigns and my administrators and executors.
  10. I accept that stripping and re-assembly for Technical Checks are at my cost.
  11. I consent to the details contained in this form being held by the NZCMRR Motorcycle Club for the purpose of the promotion and the benefit of the race meeting concerned, and Motorcycling in general. I acknowledge my right to access and correction of this information. The consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.
  12. MNZ supports the FIM/IOC Charter on drugs in Sport. MNZ uses the services of Drug Free Sport NZ and other agencies to professionally carry out the testing. I acknowledge by signing this form I may be subjected to a drug/alcohol test at any time. I agree to such testing. I further agree that my name can be published by MNZ as having taken part in a drug/alcohol test together with the results of that testing.
  13. I confirm that my machine complies with any technical rule(s) set out in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport and/or the Supplementary Regulations and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is in safe working order and fit for competition. 
Rider disclaimer of liability
I further certify that all information given on this form is correct.

Where a rider is under 16 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must countersign this entry and be present on race day.

Sidecar passenger disclaimer of liability

Where a passenger is under 16 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must countersign this entry and be present on race day.

Entry fees

Entry fee
_____ x 
Entry fee with 10% discount for current NZCMRR membership
_____ x 
Entry fee for current NZCMRR Junior membership (under 18 years old)
_____ x 
Regularity / Track Parade
_____ x 
Regularity / Track Parade with 10% discount for current NZCMRR membership
_____ x 
Regularity / Track Parade for current NZCMRR Junior membership (under 18 years old)
_____ x 
CAMS South Island Competitors
_____ x 
Free entry for South Island CAMS entrants only.


Cheque in favour of NZCMRR herewith / please debit my credit card as below

Spring Classic at Manfeild
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Postal or Email Entries

Complete the entry form and then either:

Scan and email to or send by post to:
Race Secretary
PO Box 11 301
Auckland 1542
New Zealand


Spring Classic at Manfeild

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MNZ Licence Number: ..............................................................
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