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The NZCMRR membership (and financial) year is from 1 June to 31 May each year.

We look forward to you renewing your membership in June so that you receive your next Megaphone Magazine, have the ability to vote at our AGM and have your current Membership card ready to race at any MNZ event.

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Lunchtime Road Bike Track Parade

Pukekohe October Weekend Classic
Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 October 2022
Lunchtime Road Bike Track Parade Rides $25 (+$10 for pillion) for 4 laps of the track. Email to obtain more information.

Upcoming Events

  • Puke September Track Day
    Friday September 30 2022

    On-line entries close 26 September 

    This trackday is being run by Pukekohe Raceway, but entries are being collected by NZCMRR. Any NZCMRR member (or affiliated member) can take part providing they have MNZ standard riding gear and their bike passes bike check.  You do not have to be competing or use the bike you will be racing.  Modern sidecars can take part too (to enter just join us on-line as an affiliated club member - no charge).  Gates will be open at 7.30am, sign-on at the Moto TT pit office from 8am and riders briefing will be at 9.15 before taking to the track.  

    There will be 3 bike groups and 1 sidecar group.  The bike/s that you select will determine the group/s you are in.  Track sessions will be of 15 minute duration, repeating throughout the day, apart from a lunch-break.  Each group should get at least 5 sessions.

  • Pukekohe October Weekend Classic
    Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 October 2022

    This event will be run along similar lines to our last (non-festival) Pukekohe meeting but with a twist.  It will be a weekend of racing for championship points.  Hopefully there will be no Covid restrictions in place for attendees.  

    Spectators: Spectator entry prices are $50 per person for the weekend or $25 per day. Access to the circuit will be from 10am on Friday. We will have free on-site, self-contained, camping available for spectators.  Plus lunchtime Road Bike Track Parade Rides!  We intend to have extended lunchtimes on Saturday and Sunday and give people the opportunity to ride the circuit.  Lunchtime Road Bike Track Parade Rides $25 (+$10 for pillion) for 4 laps of the track. Email to obtain more information.

    Friday Track Day: There will be a Moto TT run track day on the Friday. See the seperate entry form.  Access to the track will be from 7am on the Friday for track-day participants.


  • Pukekohe Lunchtime Road Bike Parades
    Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 October 2022


    Road Bike Parade - $25 for 4 circuits of the track + $10 for a pillion

    Open to all road legal standard motorcycles.   Your bike does not have to be registered or warranted but must be up to standard.  Bring the bike you rode to the track or your prized collection bike out for a run where it can be truly appreciated.

    These parades will be held during an extended lunch break (up to 2 sessions per day).  Participants will circulate the track, between lead and rear official vehicles, wearing full riding gear.  Any rider may be stopped on track and their bike loaded onto the back-up vehicle if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate (no refund will be given).

    All people taking part in this event will be required to have:

    1. Riders must have a current motorcycle licence.

    2. A minimum standard of clothing: Full face helmet, full gloves, covered shoes/boots and full cover sturdy clothing (ie race or road leathers or long sleeve sturdy top and jeans) for both rider and pillion.

    3. The bike be of road legal standard (ie no race bikes, no oil leaks) but does not need to be currently registered or warranted.

    4. Undertake pre-ride briefing from the MNZ steward who will lead the parade.

    Entry forms can be obtained via or from the nzcmrr ezi-up entry stand, which will be located by the track crossing.  Bikes and gear will be inspected before an entry and payment is accepted and you sign-on.  Special event specific stickers will applied to both bikes and helmets once your entry is complete.


  • Spring Classic at Manfeild
    Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 October 2022

    There will be a track run track day on Friday 28. Entries will be initially open to NZCMRR competitors only and all racing sidecars (we will put entry details here when they are availalbe).  The track hopes that enough competitors will enter so that they will not have to open it to the general public too. They will look at running 4 groups: Slow, Medium, Fast and Sidecar.  

    Pit Garages can be booked on-line at https:/  or call the track 06 323 7444.

    On-site camping over the weekend is allowed for this event for competitors and officials on Friday and Saturday nights.  $10 per competitor/pit crew per night (powered sites are $5 exter per night) please email to make a booking

  • 43rd Annual NZCMRR Classic Racing Festival
    Saturday 4 - Monday 6 February 2023

    The 43rd NZCMRR Classic Festival at Pukekohe Park Raceway.

  • Summer Classic at Hampton Downs
    Sunday February 26 2023

    Sunday 26th February 2023 - National Circuit

    There will be a Blue Wing Honda track day at Hampton a week earlier which will be open to our members too.  Once that event goes live we will publish the link here.