Dedicated to the preservation and use of pre 1976 british, european and american motorcycles


NZCMRR Technical Rules

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Helmets standards

Please refer to the MNZ rules for helmet standards


Race withdrawals and entry fee refunds

Entrants can get a refund of their entry fees provided they inform the race secretary (race that they are not going to compete anytime up to the day before the race.
Notice would be preferred as early as possible as a courtesy to help with grids and programmes.

  • Summer Classic at Hampton Downs
    Sunday February 26 2023

    Sunday 26th February 2023 - National Circuit

    There will be a Blue Wing Honda track day at Hampton a week earlier which will be open to our members too.  Once that event goes live we will publish the link here.

  • Autumn Classic at Taupo
    Saturday 8 - Sunday 9 April 2023
  • Winter Classic at Taupo
    Saturday 9 - Sunday 10 September 2023