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All NZCMRR events use MyLaps timing transponders to record your lap time. To participate in NZCMRR events you have three options to obtain a transponder.

Transponders bring a great deal of efficiency to that way our events are run, and it means you will be able to view your results, grid positions and next race details on your phone in your pit, rather than having to try and see or hear the announcements over a PA system, or go to the sign-on office to view your results and grids.

In addition, transponders give a more accurate and faster results, which will reduce administration time, and allow your hard working race administration team to bring you a better race meeting and handle the increasing number of bikes and race groups.

  1. Private Subscription
  2. Hire From Club
  3. Purchase Privately
  4. No transponder

1. Private Subscription

This is the best option if you are regularly competing in the championship rounds, and compete at other clubs events, such as Wanganui, The Southern Classic or any event that requires transponders.

When you have subscribed to a MyLaps X2 transponder, you will not need to pay for the hire of a transponder at any other event.

You subscribe for 1, 2 or 5 years. The subscription X2 transponders have full warranty, and are replaced free of charge if damaged, burnt or destroyed (but not replaced free if stolen or lost).

Visit the MyLaps website at for details of the subscription process.

It is an easy process. You need to subscribe to a "X2 Transponder Bike" rechargeable or direct power transponder, however the rechargeable is recommended. This gives you everything you need, including 1 mounting bracket.

When entering NZCMRR events online, you will be asked for your transponder number. This number is unique to your transponder. You will only need to enter this information once, as unless you replace your transponder, the number will not change.

If you race multiple bikes, you only need 1 transponder, but you will need to have the transponder on the bike you are racing. It is recommended that you have a mounting clip on each bike, as this makes changing the transponder from bike to bike much faster.

2. Hire From Club

This is the most cost effective option if you only compete at occasional events, and do not intend to compete at more than 4 events per year.

The NZCMRR has 60 X2 transponders available for hire.

When entering an NZCMRR event online you will be asked if you want to hire a transponder for the event. If you want to hire a transponder, you must do so when entering the event online or with a manual entry form.

At sign-on you will be given the transponder and mounting clip to attach to your bike. You must return the transponder at the end of the event to get your race license back. If you do not request a hire transponder when entering online, the club cannot guarantee that a transponder will be available on the day.

3. Purchase Privately

If you already own a transponder, you can continue to use it.

You may be able to buy a secondhand transponder. As long as it is compatible with the MyLaps system, which the majority of transponders are, you can use a secondhand transponder. You will need to enter your transponder number when entering online, as per the Private Subscription option. When buying a secondhand transponder, be aware that the off road MX transponders do not function over 140 kph, so they may not record a lap time for you.

4. No Transponder

You can enter any NZCMRR event without a transponder. If you choose to do this you will not record any lap times, and will need to start from the back of the grid.