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If you have been a member of the NZCMRR within the last two years:

  • A member account has been created for you.
  • Use the login information which has been emailed to you in the form below.
  • If you do not have this login information please email contact for your login details.
  • If your membership has not been renewed this season you will be prompted to renew once you login, please do this before entering an event.
  • Your Username and Password are case and alpha numeric sensitive. This means that you have to type them exactly as received. For example if you have a capital C in your password then you must enter this and NOT little c. If you have a zero in your password then you must enter the number 0 and not the letter o.

If you are not an existing NZCMRR member use the "If you wish to become a member click here." link below the form.

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