Dedicated to the preservation and use of pre 1976 british, european and american motorcycles

Technical Inspections

Riders are advised that Technical Inspections will take place during the Festival and at other race meetings.

These Technical Inspections will examine machines to ensure that they comply with the rules of the class that they are entered to race in. The baseline for the Inspection will be the completed "Bike Specification" that is held on the Register's database and the Technical Rules of the Class.

Riders are reminded that the Technical Committee must be notified if your bike, as presented at a race meeting, varies in any way from the specification held on the Register's database.

In the event that a bike does not comply with the Technical Rules of the Class entered the rider may, at the recommendation of the Technical Committee and discretion of the Race Secretary, be offered the opportunity to race in another Class that the machine qualifies for at the current race meeting.

In the event that a bike does not comply with the rules of the entered class the detail of such non-compliance will be noted on the Register's Bike Specification database, and the machine must be presented for Technical re-inspection at the next event that it is entered in.

Riders are also advised that NITROMETHANE or other performance improving additives are not permitted (MNZ Rule 10-17). Severe penalties will be imposed on any rider found to be in breach of this Rule.

NZCMRR, through its affiliation with MNZ, supports the FIM/IOC charter on drugs in sport. MNZ uses the services of the New Zealand Sports Drug Agency (NZSDA) to professionally carry out the testing, and that riders may be subjected to a drug / alcohol test at any time. Be advised that alcohol consumed the evening prior to racing may still be in your system the next day – you have been warned!

Technical Committee