Dedicated to the preservation and use of pre 1976 british, european and american motorcycles

Classic 70's

The committee has been investigating ways to attract more members and to help develop the club in the face of spiralling costs of running race meetings. Whilst the club is financially strong it has been running at a loss. We cannot continue on this path.

You may be aware of some proposed changes to the race class formats that have been circulated over the past few months at the Taupo and Manfield race meetings.

A working group was setup to explore the feasibility of running Pre-76 machines with Pre-72 machines shortly after this year’s AGM. This was an in depth study and the recommendations given were carefully considered against numerous suggested formats. The sub-committee report on this was submitted to the NZCMRR committee and approved at the November meeting. Whilst the proposed changes were agreed on for a 12 month trial period, the changes are fluid and we are quite prepared to monitor and alter the race formats as race grids grow. However the ultimate objective is to generate growth and ensure that our members, competitors and spectators enjoy safe, exciting and competitive racing.

The changes agreed to are a major departure to the current race format and we the committee are aware of this. We are also aware of the club ethos and the origins of why the club was founded. This is not lost and the continuation of support and encouragement for British, European and American motorcycles remains.

The changes encompass Pre-76 and Pre-72 machines joining in their relative race classes i.e. 250, 350, 500 and Open. The new classes will be referred to as Classic 70’s on a trial basis for the next 12 months.

The rules on crankcases will be made clearer for Pre-76 machines. The rules and more information will be posted on the website shortly but essentially remain unchanged for Pre-76. Pre-72 rules apply to non-British, European and American machines.

You may ask; ‘What do I have to change on my bike’? The short answer is nothing. The only change you will note is that a Pre-72 bike will be on the grid with you and the race entry form will designate Classic 70’s alongside your normal race class entry.

We are cognisant that some members may find the change unpalatable. But in a challenging arena and ever increasing costs, the committee is duty bound to trial new formats and keep the costs of racing for our members at a reasonable level.

The changes are not taken lightly and we welcome constructive suggestions for improvement.

The Classic ‘70’s format will be instigated at the Pukekohe Festival February 6 and 7 2016 and we look forward to a successful 2016 racing season.

If you were previously racing in the Pre-72 or Pre-76 classes please check that your bike is entered into the "Classic 70's" race class when filling out your online entry.

The committee wish you well for the coming festive season and a safe and happy racing new year. The Classic 70's format has proved to be a valuable addition to the racing calendar with lots of interesting motorcycle making for great racing