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MNZ Rule Changes

Effective 1st August 2016

NZCMRR competitors should be aware of the upcoming changes to the MNZ Manual of Motorcycle Sport (Road) effective 1st of August 2016. Several of the changes directly affect NZCMRR competitors in the areas such as safety gear, helmet and bike mounted cameras and overseas competitors.

To view the full list of upcoming changes click here.
Below is a summary of some of the more relevant changes to NZCMRR competitors.

Safety Gear

Please read Chapter 8 for the full Road Racing Safety Gear requirements.

Safety Helmets - as per rule 8.2a
Boots - as per rule 8.3a
Clothing - Complete suits of leather or Kevlar.
Gloves - Leather only is approved.
Eye Protection - as per rule 8.2j
Back Protectors - A certified back protector of composite material must be worn at all times. The standard for chest, shoulder & back protectors is EN1621
Chest Protectors – From January 1st 2018, a certified chest protector of composite material must be worn at all times

The following standards are acceptable for helmets for use in MNZ events, please note that some helmets are being phased out.
Road AS/NZS 1698:2006
Europe ECE 22-05, "P"
Japan JIS T 8133:2007 (valid until 31.12.2019) JIS T 8133:2015
USA SNELL M2010 (valid until 31.12.2019) SNELL M2015


Cameras may be fitted to the motorcycle provided they are securely mounted. Camera mounts are subject to approval by the Machine Examiner. Helmet Cameras or other accessories are not permitted to be attached to the rider"s helmet.​​

Overseas Competitors

All visiting overseas competitors must sign an MNZ indemnity form. All overseas competitors wishing to compete in New Zealand must obtain a Start Permission and FIM International Licence (if applicable) from their Federation and have this sent to MNZprior to the event being held. This is the competitor"s responsibility. MNZ shall send to the organising Club and Steward for the event a copy of these documents.