Dedicated to the preservation and use of pre 1976 british, european and american motorcycles

Pukekohe October Weekend Classic

Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 October 2022

Sign on will be open from Friday afternoon. Please bring your current MNZ competition licence, club membership card and helmet to sign on. After sign on take your motorcycle for machine examination. Riders briefing will commence at 9.30am, on Saturday and competitors will be out on track at 10:00am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.  Back and Chest protectors are compulsory for all competitors.  Riding gear will be checked on the dummy grid.

NZCMRR Rules can be viewed on the NZCMRR website Pre '82, Pre '89 and Pre '95 race classes are as defined in the MNZ Rulebook Chapter 17 - Road Racing Post Classic.

Classes are as follows, but not necessarily in this order:

  1. 351-500cc - Pre '63 500 Clubmans, Pre '63 500 Factory Racing, Pre '63 500 Modified, Classic 70's 500
  2. Vintage & Pre War - Pre '31, Pre '46 350, Pre '46 500, 0-250cc - Pre '63 250 Clubmans, Pre '63 250 Factory, Pre '63 250 Modified, Classic 70's 250
  3. Post Classic - Pre '82 Senior, Pre '89 F1, Pre '95 Superbike, Pre '95 F1, Pre '95 F2
  4. Sidecars - Pre '63, Classic 70's, Pre '82
  5. 251-350cc - Pre '63 350 Clubmans, Pre '63 350 Factory Racing, Pre '63 350 Modified, Classic 70's 350
  6. 501cc-Open - Pre '63 Open Modified, Classic 70's Open
  7. Post Classic - Pre '82 Junior, Pre '89 F2, Pre '89 F3, Pre '95 F3
  8. Regularity 

Note: Some classes/riders may be moved into other race groups depending on entry numbers and practice/qualifying times. Regularity will be held.

Event Programme

Friday 30th September 2022 Practice/Test Day.

Moto TT is running a separate Motorcycle Track Day on the Friday 30th September.  The test day is exclusive to NZCMRR members.  Access to the circuit will be from 7am on Friday, we ask that only those doing the track day, or helping set up for the weekend enter the pits on Friday morning so that we can get everything organised.

Sign-on and machine examination will be available in the afternoon.

Saturday 1st October 2022

  • Sign on and machine examination.
  • 9.30 Riders briefing 
  • 1 round of practice / qualifying.
  • Lunchtime Road Bike Track Parade Ride/s
  • 2 rounds of racing for Championship points.

Welcome, meet and greet gold coin donation BBQ at the 'Moto TT Shed'

Sunday 2nd October 2022

  • 8.30am Riders briefing
  • 1 round of racing for Championship points
  • Lunchtime Road Bike Track Parade Ride/s
  • 1 round of racing for Championship points 
  • 1 round of combined racing if time permits.


Your own transponder?  If you have your own transponder and have not used it recently you may need to log-in to up-date the key before charging your transponder.

Covid Requirements -  The following may be updated closer to the time.

Firstly please do not come to the event if you are unwell – let us know and refunds will be given.  This event will be run under the existing (at-the-time) track, government and club Covid requirements. The website and emailed out Riders briefing notes (at the beginning of the week prior to the event) will be updated and clarify these requirements if needed.

 Whatever official Covid restrictions are in place the following will probably apply for sign-on, bike examination and riders briefing.  

Sign-on: Ideally sign-on, handing out of transponders and helmet check will be undertaken outside, hand sanitiser will be available. If outside entrants should approach one at a time, masks are optional.  If inside only up to two entrants are to be inside at a time and masks are to be worn.  

Bike Check: Again ideally this will be undertaken outside. Entrants should approach one at a time, masks are optional if outside, if inside please wear a mask. Leave your bike on it’s stand and move away (or outside) until the check is completed.

Riders Briefing: Written rider’s briefing notes will be emailed out during the week prior to the event and hard copies given out along with the event programme at sign-on.  As part of signing on Riders acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree with the Riders briefing.  Physical riders briefing will be at 9.30am on Saturday & 8.30am on Sunday from the Control Tower veiwing deck. 

Programme of events