Dedicated to the preservation and use of pre 1976 british, european and american motorcycles

Autumn APS Classic at Taupo

Saturday 30 - Sunday 31 March 2024

  • Sign on will be open from 7.15am, upon arrival please bring your current MNZ competition licence, club membership card, helmet, chest and back protector to sign on. After sign on take your motorcycle for machine examination / machine examination from 7.30am. Riders briefing will commence at 8.30am and competitors will be out on track at 9:00am.

NZCMRR Rules can be viewed on the NZCMRR website P82, P89 & P95 race classes are as defined in the MNZ Rulebook Chapter 17 - Road Racing Post Classic.

Classes are as follows, but not necessarily in this order:

  1. Vintage & Pre War - Pre '31, Pre '46 350, Pre '46 500, 0-250cc - Pre '63 250 Clubmans, Pre '63 250 Factory Racing, Pre '63 250 Modified, Classic 70's 250
  2. 251-350cc - Pre '63 350 Clubmans, Pre '63 350 Factory Racing, Pre '63 350 Modified, Classic 70's 350
  3. 351-500cc - Pre '63 500 Clubmans, Pre '63 500 Factory Racing, Pre '63 500 Modified, Classic 70's 500
  4. 501cc-Open - Pre '63 Open Modified, Classic 70's Open
  5. Sidecars - Pre '63, Classic 70's, Pre '82
  6. Post ClassicP82 Junior, P89 F3, P95 F3
  7. Post Classic - P89 F2, P95 F2
  8. Post Classic - P82 Senior, P89 F1, P95 SBK, P95 F1 
  9. Regularity (At all events other than the Festival Regularity riders will be placed at the rear of a suitable Race Group)

Note: Some classes may be combined depending on entry numbers in each class. 

Programme of events


$195 for the Test Day plus 1/3 garage hire of $50 for the day. Book through the link Taupo Race Bike Test Day  or call the track 07 376 5033. 


Due to greatly increased pricing the NZCMRR committee have decided to do two things. 

1. We will be substantially subsidising the entry fee for this event this time.  To cover the increased/new costs entries should now be in the $450 region for a 2 day meeting at either Hampton or Taupo.

2. We have come to an arrangement with Taupo so that we can still offer camping on site for Friday and Saturday nights only.   Over night, track supplied, security is now mandatory - Taupo and the NZCMRR are sharing this cost. The track has stated that for the NZCMRR they make an exception from their normal registration form terms - no tents, and would prefer self contained vehicles. Campers pay $50 per vehicle per night to stay unpowered ($50 powered site surcharge).  Hopefully enough people will take up the offer to warrant the extRa cost involved.  Use the following link to book your camping and to make payment Fri & Sat overnight registration

Sunday 30th March 2024

  • Sign on and machine examination.
  • 1 round of qualifying/practice.
  • 2 rounds of racing for Championship points - all classes.

Sunday 31st March 2024

  • 2 rounds of racing for Championship points – all classes.
  • 1 round of combined racing without Championship points – all classes.